Roger Clarke

Engaging across a variety of media including sculpture, installation and sound, Roger Clarke’s work investigates the

(im)possibilities for bodies to simultaneously experience a set of scope. Through minimal strategies, Clarke intends to produces maximal dialogical frictions between the antagonistic elements he plays with. He develops harmonies within incongruous narratives without reproducing any of the usual anticipated climax.


These polarities are tangible in the recent series of large-scale sculptures of molecular structures. Giving shape to the deadliest toxin molecule’s models, usually encountered in scientific laboratories, these humorous polyester resin objects transport us immediately in a surreal dimension where entities swap scales and exhibit new correlation between human and nonhuman.


Roger Clarke (b.1966) lives and works between London and Bath. After graduating from the Slade School of Art, he was awarded the Henry Moore Sculpture Fellowship at Winchester School of Art in 1991 and the Rome Scholarship in Sculpture in 1994. He is Senior Lecturer in at Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University and his work has been exhibited in many exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

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